Artificial Putting Green Maintenance

Virtually Maintenance Free

One of the many advantages of artificial putting green V.S. natural putting green is maintenance. Artificial putting green requires very little up keep while natural putting green requires sunlight, water, soil, fertilizer, mowing, etc.. Artificial putting green is virtually maintenance free, but there are a few things you need to do to keep your putting green looking brand new. Below I have provided a maintenance guide for your artificial putting green and some survival tips incase of accidents.


In order to keep your artificial putting green looking brand new, periodic sweeping is necessary. This keeps dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris off your artificial putting green. Typically, you can use a broom or handled brush on your artificial putting green. So whichever you use, just make sure it isn’t too harsh on the turf blades because it can cause damage.  

If your artificial putting green becomes matted, brush the artificial putting green with a synthetic brush. Never use a metal or wire brush on your artificial putting green. You should brush your artificial putting green lightly every three to four weeks. This keeps the blades on the artificial putting green standing upright. You can also use a leaf blower to blow debris off your artificial putting green, but do not hold the leaf blower too close to the artificial putting green if it contains infill. Holding the leaf blower low could blow the infill out of your artificial putting green.

Survival Tips

For stains, clean your artificial putting green with warm water solution of household detergent and water. NEVER use bleach on your artificial putting green.

For animal urine, use a mixture of white distilled vinegar in an equal amount of water and spray on the artificial putting green. Make sure to flush throughly and vacuum any solution that is left behind off your artificial putting green.

For bubble gum, use dry ice or refrigerant packets to remove the gum off your artificial putting green. You can also use some type of chewing gum solvent from your local store to remove gum from artificial putting green.